Who is VSEP™ for?

Chemical Processing

Ammonium Nitrate Concentration
Carbon Black Concentration
Carbon Black Washing
Calcium Carbonate Concentration
Catalyst Diafiltration
Colloidal Silica Concentration
Iron Oxide Concentration
Kaolin Clay Concentration
Metal Hydroxide Filtration
Phosphoric Acid Purification
Pigment Concentration
Polymer Diafiltration
PVA Concentration
PVC Latex Concentration
Sodium Sulfate Concentration
Titanium Dioxide Concentration
Titanium Dioxide Wash Water
Zeolite Washing

Water, Food, and Beverage

Beer Bottoms
Beet Juice Clarification
Boiler Feed Water
Bottled Water
Cheese Whey Effluent
Drinking Water
Groundwater/Well Water
Olive Oil Filtration
Olive Processing Wastewater
Orange Juice Clarification
River Water Purification
RO Reject
Sugar Water Clarification
Tea Concentration
Winery Wastewater

Pulp and Paper

Black Liquor
Box Plant Effluent
Hardboard Squeezings
Medium Density Fiberboard
Paper Coating Recycling

Petroleum and Biofuels

Algae Dewatering
Catalyst Recovery
Coal Seam Gas Wastewater
DEA Recovery
Desalter Effluent
Disposal Well Injection Water
Distillery Effluent (Vinasse)
Drilling Fluid Recycling
Ethanol Stillage
Frac Water
Fuel Storage Tank Water
Heavy Heavy Coker Gas Oil
LPG Caustic Wash Water
Produced Water
Refinery End of Pipe Wastewater
Selenium Removal
Slop Oil
Stripped Sour Water
Waste Oil Recycling


Biogas Effluent
Bilge Water
Boiler Feed Water
Cooling Tower Blowdown
Deicing Fluids
Flue Gas Scrubber Effluent
Groundwater Remediation
Herbicide/Pesticide Wastewater
Ion Exchange Regen Water
Laundry Wastewater
Landfill Leachate
Latex Wastewater
Palm Oil Wastewater
Phenol Wastewater
PTFE Wastewater
Radioactive Wastewater
Rendering Wastewater
RO Reject
Sandfilter Backwash
Slaughterhouse Wastewater
Starch Wastewater
Tannery Effluent
Textile Dye Wastewater
Wool Scouring
Yeast Manufacturing


Catalytic Converter Coating Recovery
Oily Wastewater
Coolant Recovery
Metal Plating Wastewater
Silicon Grinder Wastewater
Ultrapure Water


Acid Mine Drainage
Coal Mine Runoff
Cooling Pond Water
Nickel Mine Sulfate Removal
Phosphate Mine Wastewater
Tailings Pond Water